Refund Policy

If you have purchased goods from this website, then please note that:

We will only refund goods in accordance with our Terms of Sale and our Warranty Against Defects Policy.

A successful refund will be automatically issued to the credit card used to purchase goods in the order. Please allow up to fifteen (15) ordinary business days for a full refund to process, subject to your bank provider/card issuer. We will refund you in full for the value of the goods in question, and only include a refund for delivery charge where the entire of your order contained faulty or defective goods.

If you have a complaint or require further information please contact us;


For Australian residents


Attention: Marketing Department

118 Wetherill Street

Silverwater, NSW, 2128




(+612) 9748 0299 for Australia


For New Zealand residents


162 Grafton Rd

Grafton Auckland 1010



(+649) 984 5677 or 0800 787 877