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Only genuine Espressotoria® System coffee capsules work in the Espressotoria® System / Capino Coffee Capsule Machine.

To avoid damage to your machine only use compatible Espressotoria® System capsules which are specifically designed for the system and machine.

In Australia Espressotoria® System capsules are available at Woolworths, Coles and leading Independent supermarkets.

In New Zealand Espressotoria® System capsules are available at Countdown and Foodstuff supermarkets.

Our range does not include tea, hot chocolate or chai capsules. 

Elegantly designed in Europe, the Capino Capsule Machine is a superior automatic coffee capsule machine. The Capino is a high-pressure system featuring an eco-friendly energy saver mode and a 1-year warranty making it perfect for the home, office or commercial environment. 

The Espressotoria® System is a new premium coffee capsule system that produces cafe quality coffee at the press of a button through innovative capsule design and precision piercing technology.

The Espressotoria® System - Capino Coffee Capsule Machines is designed to make true Italian-style espresso.

  1. Remove the wire whisk from the lid of the Milk Frother.
  2. Attach the additional small whisk correctly to the bottom of the Milk Frother.
  3. If you prefer a Cappuccino, leave the wire whisk in place.

Our Milk frother is a premium hot and cold milk frother designed specifically for use with the Espressotoria® System.

Refer to HOW TO GUIDE on this website.

If the machine is left idle, it will switch to energy saver mode, indicated by a solid green light. To exit the machine from energy saver mode, simply press the solid green light espresso button which will prompt the machine to commence pre-heating as explained above. 

Preheating occurs after switching on the machine or the machine is exited from energy saver mode by the two espresso dispensing buttons flashing in blue to indicate heating up.

Preheating approximately takes 1 minute to complete at which time the two espresso dispensing buttons remain solid blue. The machine is now ready to use.

Run the water piping flush procedure through the Capino Coffee Capsule Machine prior to the first use and after long periods of non-use as outlined above.

Remove the perforated drip tray, the drip tray cover and the two-piece used capsule container daily. Rinse with hot water and dry correctly before placing these items back into the machine.

Clean the exterior of the machine using only a damp cloth.

There can be remaining water in the tank as part of the Quality Assurance process where all machines undergo a function test before leaving the factory. 

The Capino Capsule Machine is intended to be used in household and similar environments:

Domestic households
Staff kitchen areas in shops, offices or other working environments
By clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments
Bed and breakfast environments

During the piercing extraction process, water fills the capsule making it expand. Please wait a moment after extraction before ejecting the capsule. This allows time for the capsule to return to its original volume. If after this the capsule remains stuck, try the ejection motion again and do not use your fingers to help it along. 


Please note, inside the Milk Frother you will find a maximum milk fill line.

DO NOT fill the Milk Frother above this line, otherwise you will experience overflow.

Flashing blue lights indicate the machine is pre-heating. Pre-heating occurs when the machine is turned on or when it exits the energy saver mode. Once the heating process is complete, the two flashing blue espresso dispensing buttons will stop flashing and become solid blue. This means the machine is now ready to use.